Temple Generation I - Facility Facts

Temple Generation I Facility Highlights

Advanced emissions-control technology

making it one of the cleanest natural gas-fueled power plants in the United States

Employs “Quick start” turbines

which can achieve 50% power production in 10 minutes and full baseload capacity in 30 minutes

Fast and flexible dispatch operating parameters

making it a perfect complement to often unpredictable intermittency of existing and new renewable generation

Strong, reliable performance

when it counts most, particularly during hot Texas summers

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Temple Generation I

Market Need

Market Need

The facility is strategically located along the Texas half of the I-35 corridor, one of the ten most concentrated, and rapidly growing, population centers in the United States. Approximately 45 percent of Texas’ 21 million citizens live within 50 miles of I-35
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Reliable natural gas-fueled resources

Reliable natural gas-fueled resources like Temple Generation I back-up the unpredictable dispatch of Texas’ growing renewable resources
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As result of over 5,400 mws of retired/extended resource outages

As result of over 5,400 mws of retired/extended resource outages and 4,300 mws of planned project delays, summer planning reserves margins will dip dangerously below ERCOT’s target of 13.75%
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